Keeping Your Cat Indoors During Summer

While it may be tempting to let your feline roam in the great outdoors and enjoy everything the warm weather has to offer, you may be putting your feline at great risk. Traditionally, most cat owners would let their feline venture around the neighborhood during the day and let their feline in at night, but a majority of veterinarians and pet wellness experts believe this is doing your cat a disservice. If you don’t know which decision to make, the following reasons may convince you to keep your cat indoors where he’s safe and sound all year long


While indoor cats are still susceptible to parasites like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, they are far less likely to run into an infested animal or carry one of these insects inside when they are indoors 24/7, reports the . Worse yet, your feline could also contract diseases like feline leukemia, infectious peritonitis, distemper and a variety of other potentially life-threatening ailments if he comes in contact with another animal

Safety concerns

While passing cars may seem like the most obvious threat to your feline, there are a variety of lesser-known concerns that you may not have thought of. If you live in a heavily-wooded area, large animals like coyotes, raccoons, foxes and badgers could cause your feline serious trouble. Even if you live in an urban area, the threat of loose dogs or less-than-friendly feral cats could be another potential danger for your feline

Outdoor toxins

The summer weather comes with its own share of concerns for dog and cat owners alike. Many homeowners are putting down fertilizers and other chemicals that could be potentially poisonous for your cat. Additionally, foreign substances like antifreeze, motor oil and other harsh substances could be ingested and could also prove to be fatal

When you really get down to it, there’s no real reason to let your feline roam around outside when he has everything he needs indoors. The Humane Society of the United States suggests starting young with your indoor cat and give him plenty of stimulating toys and furniture to help him get used to his new confines. Keeping your feline indoors is one of the best ways to ensure cat wellness throughout your feline’s life, and you may just be lengthening his life span in the process

Does Your Cats Food Contain Omega 3?

Cats too need omega 3 fatty acids. They in fact need omega 3 for almost the same reason as we need it. Getting sufficient omega 3 in their diet is good for their heart, nervous system, and joints. It also gives them healthier skin and a shiny coat. Its always a pleasure to see an animal with a nice shiny coat and not scratching most of the time, they appear a lot healthier. Too much scratching results in raw spots that can result in an infection.

I have researched quite a bit on omega 3. I know that you won’t find it in dog food, dogs usually don’t eat fish, but cats certainly do. Don’t you think they would have omega 3 in their diet? Check again. Your cat’s food would be complete only if it contains omega 3 in the form of salmon, tuna, halibut, or any other oily fish .

Have cats gotten away from fish? I checked out my cats food, there was some fish in it all right, but not the oily kind. No omega 3. He was being served chicken, beef, turkey, but no omega 3 fatty acids. I looked at the super market. Most of the food cats eat don’t contain just fish. If the food does contain fish, it isn’t always the oily type.

I tried giving my cat salmon. He stuck up his nose and walked away. I tried giving him shark once too. I was not sure if it contained omega 3’s or not, but he walked away from that one too. My cat would rather have roast beef or fried chicken than fish.

What can you do then? Cats are stubborn. They eat just what they want. Sorta like a small child. Ever try to give one a pill? Or spray them with flea spray? Its not a good experience.

I know where you can get omega 3 in an oily form for cats. Each capsule contains 223 mg of omega 3 in it. The capsules are made out of fish oil. I give him one a day. I squeeze the ingredients out of the capsule onto his food once a day. My cat doesn’t like fish, but putting this on a can of beef in gravy makes it palatable for him.

Getting omega 3 into your cats diet has been shown to strengthen their immune system. With a regular dosage of omega 3, hopefully my cat will lead many more years of a healthy life.

Check your cats food and see if it has any or enough omega 3 in it. You may be surprised.

Why You Need A Chicken Coop In Your Back Yard?

What is a house pet for you? A cat, a dog? Why not something more exotic, like an iguana or a snake? What makes the distinction between an acceptable pet and the one that’s not so acceptable?

In this article, we’re talking about chickens. Do you consider them as pets? Do you think they can be kept at home just like any other one? Follow up and see more about chickens!

Chickens are cute

Little chicks are adorable, no doubt. When the little chick from the mama chicken comes out from the egg it is so cute that there’s no one able to resist its charm. They are kids’ best friends. If you let a dozen of them come out from the eggs you’ll have a small farm of chickens that will all make you feel joyful.

When they grow up, they lose the beauty as when they were small chicks. However, no one can say that they are ugly. They walk around the yard and they keep you company without interfering too much in your business. They are great friends.

Provide healthy food

In this time of being overwhelmed with chemical products on the market, it is very hard to find a healthy product. It’s best if we can produce our own food. Taking care of chickens at our home is a constant daily source of food.

A hen or the female chicken can produce almost 7 eggs a week. It takes up to 26 hours for a new egg to be laid. If you have 5-6 of them you’ll have a full family breakfast.

The best thing about this is that you know exactly what you have on your plate. When you go to the market and buy some eggs, you’re getting a product that is produced in a big factory with thousands if not millions of hens.

To make them produce more and have a more quality product, these animals are being fed with all kinds of chemicals. These chemicals are getting inside the eggs too. In the end, you eat these chemicals which are definitely not good for you. Read more about the food industry and how things are done here:

On the other hand, keeping chickens on your own is a completely different story. You know exactly what you feed them with and with it, you know exactly what you eat. The type of food the hen consumes is actually what it transports from its organism to the egg.

How to keep them?

Chickens need a special home called a coop. A coop is the ideal living and producing space for these interesting birds. There are certain rules about how it is supposed to look. The most important things are the height and space inside.

This is not important for the hens, but for the person that’s going to go inside to collect the goods and to clean-up the mess they inevitably create. So, if you’re not a very tall person, you can make them shorter. If you’re a tall person, you’ll need to make it bigger so you can easily get inside and do the job.

You also need a nest for them. Three of them are sharing one nest so that will be pretty much enough. This is the place where they lay eggs and the place where you’ll get them from. Don’t worry, chickens are not overprotective as some other animals and you won’t have a problem collecting the product.

Don’t forget to place special containers for food and water. They are essential. It doesn’t mean that you have to make something amazing or have one for each one of them, but you should definitely have some placed.

How to make a coop?

The coop is a construction that everyone can make but it is best if you buy it from some of the stores that create them. These production stores know exactly how to make them and what’s best for the animals that are going to live inside. They know about their security, comfort, and what’s best for their living space.

These professionals make coops look like bigger sophisticated dog kennels but with a lot more style. They are like a combination of a child’s playground and a dog house. If you want to see some amazing examples, please take a look at this link –

The rest is up to you where you’re going to place it and how much space you’ll give the birds to run around the yard. The more space they have, the healthier they’ll be. The healthier they are, the better eggs they’ll produce. It’s all connected, of course, just like everything else in the world.


Business is everywhere around us. It has gotten deep inside every life element. Health, food, education, everything that’s needed for long and happy life. Some of the things cannot be changed, like the medicaments we take from the pharmacy, but some other things, like the food we eat, can be controlled.

Growing your own food is something we all must do in the 21st century. The mass production is becoming more and more industrialized and no one is sure what you’re consuming. With this idea, you’ll have a fresh and delicious breakfast every day and your children will have the chance to spend time with some great animal friends.

Online Stores – The Best Places to Find Pet Food on Cheap

Inflation has touched on everything including pet food and pet products and that is why people are looking for ways to cut down the expenditure on pet products. They resort to homemade food, look for cheap commodities while buying outside and several individuals even self sacrifice their own joys for the sake of the pet. The quandary between expenses and the health of the pet often leaves people in a dilemma and more often than not they choose latter thus enduring heavy operating costs. However the emergence of online stores has hugely helped to solve these problems and almost every pet owner is seen buying their pet products from online websites.

There are several reasons behind people pledging their allegiance to online stores. For one, the online store products are much cheaper than those that are available in the market and the variety that they offer is much greater than your general pet store. There is no available pet food which you can’t find on the internet. Moreover with online stores, you no longer need to go to the market in order to shop for products. These websites have shopping carts where you can deposit your items. Only pay the money via a debit card or PayPal and the products are delivered right next to your doorstep. So you are even spared the effort of walking to the shop to buy the items.

The only disadvantage of online stores is that what you buy will be initially virtual until you have bought the product which means that there is a possibility that the product which you brought and the one that you have received may be different. So you need to be careful about this. For the same reason, you should trade only with reputed companies, the ones which have been endorsed by many people. In case you don’t know any reputed names, scour the internet for the same. Read people’s reviews and then go ahead with your buys. In case of any queries, get it answered by the customer service agent. Check the product thoroughly on delivery to see if it has been tampered with or if it is past the expiry date.

Buying from online stores can help you to save on hundreds of dollars every year and certain online companies even offer free medical advice, so that is one added advantage. So if you wish to avail good discounts, begin shopping online for pet food starting today.

Cat Health Problems – Seven Easy Steps to Banish Them

Health is directly related to nutrition. This is true for you and every animal under the sun. That old saying of garbage in, garbage out is so very true, that few people doubt have a look at a few reasons why cat health problems seem to abound:

I believe there are other reasons for cat health problems, but by far the major contributor is the diet. The food a cat eats every day means the potential for the toxins to build up gradually, giving the appearance that the diet is not to of us, cats included, can manage not to succumb to disease or health problems, even if we have an inadequate diet for a short time. If however, it continues, then chronic deficiencies start to is a sad testament to our times that money talks. Many of the larger commercial brands of pet food now have a significant influence in most of the veterinary schools. So vets are taught that commercial brands of pet foods are the most healthy. Which explains why almost all veterinary clinics are now loaded with the top commercial brands of pet food.I never ask people to believe me. I simply put what I consider to be valid arguments and leave you, fair reader, to make up your own mind.Could your cat health problems be a result of the diet she is fed?What feelings and thoughts do you have on this? Perhaps you need to do a little research yourself? Thorough and unbiased research will always lead you to the I opened up my mind to consider everything in my quest for the cause of cat health problems, the answers came flooding in. I was the barrier, with my pre-conceived ideas.

Stop Excessive Meowing And Reasons That Cats Meow

If you are looking for a pet that will be silent or, at least, not make much noise you should look past getting a cat. While they are considered to be less noisy than a dog, they can create a lot of noise on their own and will meow more than some dogs will bark.

Cats meow to communicate. They do it to communicate with you, your family, or other animals. Some breeds of cat tend to enjoy communicating more than other breeds. Siamese, Manx, and American Wirehair are just some of the cat breeds that meow more than the average feline.

If you spend enough time around your kitty you might notice different sounds of meows. Different meows mean different things. Some reasons for a meow include hunger, thirst, interest in something, disinterest in something, discomfort, contentment, and other things. What constitutes excessive meowing? That is up to you to decide after taking into consideration the breed, health, and stress of your animal.

A cat that is being transitioned to a new home might meow a lot at first. One that is being moved indoors from an outdoor life or from indoors to outdoors will probably make more noise than normal. This should fade as your pet adjusts to the new living arrangement. During breeding season he or she is probably searching for a mate. Consider getting your feline spayed or neutered if he or she isn’t already. Make sure that your kitten is getting enough food to eat and has access to fresh water to drink. If there are people showing up or leaving regularly, the meow could be a greeting or a “goodbye.” Older cats, sometimes, meow more because of health issues. Some of these issues are normal problems of aging and some require professional assistance. If you suspect this to be the case contact a qualified veterinarian.

Don’t rule out that your pet cat might just be trying to get attention from someone. If this is the case continue to ignore your pets requests. If you give attention of any kind in return for meowing you are, only, going to get more meowing. This is assuming that your cat gets attention from someone at some times. If no one is paying any attention to him or her I urge you to consider finding another home for your feline. One thing to remember is to never use punishment to try and alter a pets behavior. Punishment and negative rewards will only get you more negative behavior.

Sureflap Review Mk 5 Latest Version

Sureflap Review Mk 5 Latest Version

As possibly the largest seller of Sureflap microchip cat flaps we feel well positioned to give you an honest and unbiased review on the new Sureflap latest version that has been launched in January 2011.

The main benefit of the new Sureflap Mk5 over the Mk4 model from our customer’s point of view is that this latest model has a draft excluder which you will appreciate if your cat flap is fitted directly into a kitchen door, especially on a cold windy day.

One main reason why so many people are looking to upgrade their existing 4 way locking or magnetic flaps to a microchip cat flap is for security reasons. I just didn’t realise how many households have problems with aggressive toms forcing their way in and spraying everywhere or just thieving your beloved moggy’s food. The new microchip cat flaps offer the very best in security as they will only allow entry to the cats you want to enter by reading their implanted unique microchip. One issue with the Mk4 Sureflap was that the mechanism on the door was a little slow so the new latest version Sureflap has a faster locking mechanism, which helps to prevent tailgating by other cats.

A point worth mentioning about the new locking mechanism is that it is quite noisy and can scare a nervous cat, when I fitted my own Sureflap at home it took our cat at least 10 days to realise that it was safe and overcome the slightly noisy latch.

The new Sureflap is still battery operated and battery life was a factor that worried us before we decided to sell these, however it is now 6 months since we first installed ours and its still operating on the same set of batteries, we have been waiting for these to drain so that we can test the low battery life indicator!

Many people who are looking for a microchip cat flap have a decision to make, do they buy the Sureflap or the Pet Porte which is perhaps recognised as the leading brand, so the new Sureflap needed to perform if it was to take some market share. The Pet Porte certainly has a lot more features then the new Sureflap latest version as this has no selective entry, it has no vet mode and neither does it importantly have a night mode. Most cats are victims of road accidents after the hours of dark so not having a night mode is an important factor to consider before you buy the latest version Sureflap.

If you are looking for a reliable but basic microchip cat flap then this certainly should be of interest as it is a reliable option, we have sold large numbers of these through our website and we have had very few after sales issues to deal with.

Being totally frank with you the main issue that we have with the Sureflap is the fact that it is just too small, the entry/ exit flap will only allow a small to medium cats through, so if you have a large cat then you need to consider the Pet Porte which is larger. We have had quite a few returns from customers who don’t read the detail on the sizing of this on our website so for those that need to know the opening size is 145mm x 130mm (5.7″x 5.1″). The good news however is I know they are working on a new larger version although this may be quite a while before this reaches the market.

If you would like further details on any aspect of the new Sureflap latest version then please give us a call for free on 0800 849 8844, alternatively should you like to purchase one then please click the following link . We offer fast free next day delivery by courier and sell these Sureflaps at a very competitive price.

Author Tim Berrisford

Getting Rid of Fleas -Dog & Cat Health

Cats have an innate ability to play, fight and sleep in the perfect flea infested areas. Cat fleas can be brought in from under a house or an abandoned complex were fleas are patiently lurking. These parasites simply hitch a ride back to your home and there, they multiply. Dog and cat health can be compromised by fleas and protecting them is vital in the relentless battle against the parasites. Your techniques to combat cat fleas are similar tactics used on your home and yard. As with home and yard protection, basic cleaning is a solid foundation to launch your attack.

Combs � If adult fleas have trenched themselves in the cat fur your most efficient tool is a flea comb. Combing has several advantages, it removes adult fleas thereby reducing the amount of insecticide needed and two, combined with a alcohol or soap solution can kill adult fleas on contact. Adult fleas favor thick fur and therefore accumulate heavily near the face, neck and front of the tail.

Solutions � Shampoo is an obvious choice to drown and chemically eradicate your unwanted trespassers. After combing your pet, a soapy bath becomes a gentle insecticide that subdues light infestations. To dramatically increase the effectiveness of shampoo allow 5-10 minutes of soaking before you rinse.

Insect Growth Regulators � Available as sprays, spot-on’s, pills or food additives IGR’s target flea egg and larvae development. When exposed to an IGR, adult fleas are incapable of reproducing, eggs fail to hatch and larvae die before maturation. The only issue is the adult fleas that ultimately survive the IGR’s affects. To resolve this problem, IGR’s are often coupled with a mild insecticide to kill the adult fleas.

Enclosure � Dog and cat enclosures allow you to choose where the animal wanders once it leaves the safety of the home. Dog and cat cages, or enclosures, are often built out to sunny spots where fleas are less likely to thrive. Shade also needs to be provided but veer away from moist areas where the parasites often flourish. Besides the added benefit or protection from cars, your pet is residing within your well fortified yard and the chance of flea infestation is reduced.

There are a plethora of products aimed at destroying fleas. Amongst acronyms, such as IGR’s, and chemistry jargon like pyriproxyfen that only a scientist can understand, how do you sort out what does what? Not to worry I have done the legwork for you and you will need to do is read. Three brief but concise chapters make up this article. Chapter I will briefly describe the flea and its life cycle, vital to understanding how you can kill the buggers. Chapter II and Chapter III list how to protect your house, garden, and pet from flea infestation. At the end of the Chapter III is a link to the exact products you’ll need to effectively rid and protect your domicile from these parasites. For now, we start with an astonishing fact, how many eggs did you say fleas lay?

All three chapters are available -Chapter I: Getting rid of Fleas – Cat Fleas & Dog Fleas-Chapter II: Getting rid of Fleas- Fleas in House & Yard-Chapter III: Getting rid of Fleas- Dog & Cat Health