Does Your Cats Food Contain Omega 3?

Cats too need omega 3 fatty acids. They in fact need omega 3 for almost the same reason as we need it. Getting sufficient omega 3 in their diet is good for their heart, nervous system, and joints. It also gives them healthier skin and a shiny coat. Its always a pleasure to see an animal with a nice shiny coat and not scratching most of the time, they appear a lot healthier. Too much scratching results in raw spots that can result in an infection.

I have researched quite a bit on omega 3. I know that you won’t find it in dog food, dogs usually don’t eat fish, but cats certainly do. Don’t you think they would have omega 3 in their diet? Check again. Your cat’s food would be complete only if it contains omega 3 in the form of salmon, tuna, halibut, or any other oily fish .

Have cats gotten away from fish? I checked out my cats food, there was some fish in it all right, but not the oily kind. No omega 3. He was being served chicken, beef, turkey, but no omega 3 fatty acids. I looked at the super market. Most of the food cats eat don’t contain just fish. If the food does contain fish, it isn’t always the oily type.

I tried giving my cat salmon. He stuck up his nose and walked away. I tried giving him shark once too. I was not sure if it contained omega 3’s or not, but he walked away from that one too. My cat would rather have roast beef or fried chicken than fish.

What can you do then? Cats are stubborn. They eat just what they want. Sorta like a small child. Ever try to give one a pill? Or spray them with flea spray? Its not a good experience.

I know where you can get omega 3 in an oily form for cats. Each capsule contains 223 mg of omega 3 in it. The capsules are made out of fish oil. I give him one a day. I squeeze the ingredients out of the capsule onto his food once a day. My cat doesn’t like fish, but putting this on a can of beef in gravy makes it palatable for him.

Getting omega 3 into your cats diet has been shown to strengthen their immune system. With a regular dosage of omega 3, hopefully my cat will lead many more years of a healthy life.

Check your cats food and see if it has any or enough omega 3 in it. You may be surprised.

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